Ubuntu Users?

I’m wondering how many Tablo fans are also Ubuntu Linux users?  

It seems to me that there may well be a great deal of crossover here, as TV cord-cutters might well be Microsoft cord-cutters.

@brentdollins although I have used Ubuntu in the past, I am cord cutting from Tivo. I had Microsoft a long time ago, but it was not for me.

Only used Ubuntu in the past. Still with M$ now

I’m a Linux user front to back.  Not necessarily a big fan of Ubuntu (distorted misdocumented Debian).  My wife has been a Linux user (she’s non-technical) for about 16 years or so.

Plex PMS running openSUSE 12.3 on a Lenovo Q190 (Lifetime Plex Pass)
TabloTV dual tuner (Lifetime Guide), indoor “leaf” style antenna with amplifier (we’re 40+ miles away from the tower)
4 x Roku 3
Amazon Prime
3 x HTC One M8 (Android) phones with Plex
Internet and Phone through ATT U-verse (no TV)

I never created a Microsoft cord to cut (believe it or not).  Prior to Linux I used an Amiga, prior to that, CP/M.

MS cutter as well for three years, OpenSuse shout out here, thinking of diving into Gentoo.

Installing Mint LTS versions for non-technical friends and family members for as long.
90% of users just want a browser for Facebook, eMail, etc.

Arch Linux with KDE on a Dell E4300 for me :slight_smile:

Used SAGETV for about eight years.  Loved it, but Google bought them and shut it all down.  When both of my extenders died I had to move on.  I tried WMC with two XBOX 360s as extenders.  Terrible; worked pretty well at the server connected to a TV, but the extenders failed almost daily.  Finally went to Tablo, on a Ubuntu server in the garage, with Plex & Chromecast on two TVs that work great, an old Roku N1101 on an old HDTV with component input (never could convert HDMI to component that would work).  But I know nothing about ubunto; my son set it up.  But I can say it has not needed a minute of support in three months,so Plex and ubunto have been great, except for when the Tablo channel was out for a couple of days.