Typical time for support ticket response?

Monday night I put in a ticket for a likely dead unit. Other than the generated eMail, no responses in two business days. Is this normal? Looking at some other forum comments, eMail support seems to be very slow at best. If the channel isn’t going to be reasonably be supported, it should just be shut off or a noticed given indicating that responses may require several days.

I ended up buying a replacement unit. I’m a bit disappointed that unit only lasted, I think, two and a half years. I looked at some of the other competitors, but they still aren’t where I want them to be. I needed to get a solution back in place.

Anybody here know if the new unit can read the contents of the existing drive?

So did you respond to your original ticket at any point after submitting it on Monday?

This may work to get your new Tablo to recognize all the recordings from your previous Tablo. However, if you’ve already setup the new Tablo you will likely have to factory reset it and lose all new recordings to get this process to work.

I did respond to the eMail on Tuesday night asking about the database…sigh…did that put the ticket to the end of the queue?

Thank you for the migration information, but it may not help me. My unit stop responding. The blue light comes on, but the networking led doesn’t light. I did try holding the reset button during one boot, but nothing seemed to affect the unit.

Is there anything that can be directly done to the data to prep it. It didn’t mount on Windows, but I do have a Raspberry Pi. I didn’t try mounting it as I didn’t know the format and felt I was better off not fooling with the drive directly unless I know the path was desperate.

The new unit comes tonight so I’ll have a little time to try things.

Thank you

Yes responding to your ticket puts it back at the end of the queue, it’s a first in first out system but a reply to it without Tablo Support replying drops it down.

@jimrush Hey there - sorry for the wait. Our team is taking a close look at your ticket and Tablo now.