Two Tablos - Two Locations

Forgive this new thread, It appears that this was discussed, and I’m thinking this is just a bug that has come up.

I have two tablo dvrs in two different locations. I started up the 2nd unit last week, named it appropriately and had my web cache connect to it.

I have now moved the second unit to the other location, but when I try to setup the guide by changing the zip code from the Main Location (61111) to the new remote location (55111), it either completely ignores the change and still shows the guide from the main unit 61111 or ends up changing the main unit to the remote zip code.

If I click on the channel guide, it shows the proper scanning for it, but when I click on “Add to Guide” it is still showing the main zip code and the main channel guide.

Is there some step I am missing or is this not allowed to have an independant zip code assigned to a tablo unit?

BTW, would be a cool feature to add an option to manually add a tablo via an IP Address, in case the cache somehow gets lost

Did you try to a scan uncheck all channels add to guide (with no channels). Then scan again check the channels you want and add to guide again. I am pretty sure other have second tablos in vacation homes. Not sure about their success.

It won’t let me turn off all channels, so I left one, didn’t seem to help. Walked through the zip code- rescan process, still showing Main channel lineup. When I click on Edit Channel lineup (which shows the main tablo lineup), the next screen shows what it was able to scan and shows the correct channels (without me having to rescan), but update does nothing.

OK I was thinking clearing all the old channels will clean up any left overs in the DB. But sounds like you cannot remove it all. Maybe log a support case and ask tablo how you should go about this? Unless you want to go the reset to factory route. I would ask tablo first.

The request to have some sort of user authentication other than browser cache for remote tablo sessions has been on the wish list for a long time.

Maybe you have to remove any scheduled recordings, which belong to the original zip, before you mess around with removing channels and changing the zip.

nothing scheduled for the secondary Tablo yet (Only first plugged in a hard drive today thinking maybe that was why it was not being saved)

Well if you do not have any recordings yet (nothing to be lost). A reset to factory then a new setup in the new zip code should be easy.

Just means I have to cart it back and forth again to re-establish the link.

Yeah maybe. If you give it the same name as it had before. As far as I know the “link” is the web browser cache when you initially connect on the LAN. I have not used remote connect in five years and then it was only with a laptop/chrome browser. So my info may be badly dated.

OK, now I am totally stumped. I just fired up my iphone, and been having issues with Verizon in the past, well, I was able to login, and amazingly, it was showing the one station I had dropped everything down to in one of the steps above. So I went into settings, turned on the local station, and on my iPhone, I can watch the stations on the remote tablo. I logged into my laptop, (chrome) and it is still showing the Main Stations.
So my guess is that the web interface is unable to “disconnect” from the main tablo, or is not honoring the “choice” tablo unit.

The web app doesn’t do “Remote Connect”. If you were ever seeing the “remote” unit, it was a fluke.

The real solution to your situation is to set up a VPN server at the remote location so you can connect to that LAN to manage the remote unit.

Seems like it gives me the option to connect to either tablo, my remote (MN) and my main (WI)

That’s because it’s remembering it from when it was on the local network. That won’t work if it’s no longer is, and it’s not going to find it using “remote connect” either.


Please re-read all my posts. I think you are not understanding the actual problem.
I have two tablo’s, one at 61111 (I call it Main, or Home) and one at 55111 (Remote or new)
I setup the unit initially at the main location so my TV and Roku could log in remotely to it (I have lifetime guide, which includes remote access). When I try to setup the unit at the remote location, when I log in through Chrome, it shows both units, and when I pick the remote and setup the locals, it seems like it won’t respond correctly, it’s like it is confusing the remote with home.
Last night, I logged into my phone with the Tablo App, and it showed both Tablos and the correct stations for each Tablo. It appears there is something up with the web version.

My bad. I thought Tablo Connect wasn’t supposed to work with the browser app. Looking at the Tablo Blog indicates that it should. I don’t know what’s going on with your unit.

Open a support ticket…

It sounds like you could be experiencing some kind of caching or state issue on the web app. Is returning home, deleting and re-pairing the Tablo with this browser easily done?

Don’t hesitate to send the specifics to our team, if you haven’t already.

I’m not sure it’s a browser cache, unless somehow google is connecting my cache between machines that are in different locations on different computers. I am able to remote into a machine at home, and have my laptop, and both are having the same issue. I figured I’d try my LG TV/Roku when I get home to see if they are having the same issue or not.