Two Tablos on two defferent Antennas one network

How to use Ripper on two different Tablos that areon two different antennas but on same network, located in two different rooms.

Each Tablo should have a unique IP address on your network. If you don’t know what they are, you should be able to determine them by checking the active client list in your router. You can then use those IP addresses in Ripper to access the respective Tablos.

Or you can go to the setting tab on each tablo, scroll to the bottom. Tablo will openly let you know it’s IP address so you don’t need to spectate what it may be.

2 tablo on 1 antenna or 2 antenna operate the same and same or different rooms make no difference as long as they’re on the same network. You just select which one you want to use.

I have 2 tablo’s with one antenna in 2 rooms just one LAN sub-net, all is well.

Found both, I can change on my Roku and the Ripper, still can’t change or see the 2nd one on my PC. Thankns

Sadly, you have to disconnect, the have to option which one to connect to, one at at time.