Two NFL Football

As the football season kicks up again, I once again have this problem

Why can’t the guide provider get it straight?

Maybe one of them really isn’t an actual football game but instead highlights from previous seasons.

The first one (under tv) appears to be a placeholder for FOX games a week for Sunday. No teams are listed, but they are the correct timeslots.

The one under sports has all the preseason week 4 games that you get, plus the week 1 regular season games on CBS and NBC.

Usually they are all listed together, and once FOX has their schedule listed with the correct teams, hopefully all the games will be under the single spot.

It’s a nothing burger until the game is committed.

What I found last year is that they are actual games…but when the provider gives the data, they don’t properly classify them as a sporting event, they are classified as TV Shows, not an actual game. When I look at the Sporting event in Tablo I see

this is a properly classified Sporting event, for the TV Shows they show as

Shows the game start/end and channel, but they are shown as ‘other seasons’…if I check out something like TV Guide, filter on the same day, sports, and same time, I get this


So…TV Guide properly recognizes that the scheduled event is an NFL Football game…says that the Teams are TBA, ok

If I ask Google what games are schedule on 9/8, I see the following

So…my local market is getting 2 games starting at 11 (while there are 6 starting at that time) and I get 1 starting at 2:25 (of which there are 3 total)…

I realize that it may not have been defined 2 weeks out which of the games I’ll be able to watch that are scheduled…there should be no question that these are games instead of TV Shows.

I agree, that it might be a ‘nothing burger’…but because it’s listed as a series, if I tell it to record any of the ‘episodes’, when the guide gets updated to be a sporting event, I loose recording…I know this gets ‘fixed’ as we get closer to the actual games coming…but the data shouldn’t be added as ‘wrong’ in the first place…at a minimum it should be added as a Sporting Event , not a TV Series

It’s not an NFL game until it’s commited.

Let me give you the current example. In San Diego CBS was the Chargers station. Since the Chargers move to Carson no one watches the Chargers. No local companies are that interested in advertising. Sports reporters rarely report on the team

The NFL has an interesting rule about availability - which teams are availble for broadcast in an area within a certain mileage of a team’s home.

The local CBS wants to broadcast different team(s). So the local CBS has a hard choice on almost every NFL week. They might broadcast Chargers at a loss, hope for a different team - different schedule, stop broadcasting NFL, or since they have the CW channel dump the game there - which they already done on some games.

We may need to just agree to disagree on this point. There is no ‘TV Series’ named ‘NFL Football’…if they need to add in ‘place holder’ recordings for an upcoming slot…they should…on a regular basis I see ‘Movie’…when i check the details, it says essentially ‘this is a placeholder for a future movie yet to be determined’…ok…but it’s put in as a Movie…I’ve decided to blacklist the Series named ‘NFL Football’ so I simply won’t see it, and when they decide to update the guide with actual teams, it’ll show up in the sports section and I can decide if I want to record :slight_smile:

I guess that’s why you have a black list.

But if you lived in an NFL city 10-15 years ago you might remember the NFL 90% rule. If there was a local games and the stadium was not sold out within 48 hours of game time the game would be blacked out from local broadcast.

Thus the game showed up in the TV scheduled but just wasn’t broadcast.

they don’t do that anymore?..I’ve lived in/around Denver Colorado my entire life and I do remember that rule…they claimed it was to keep attendance at the stadium up because so many people were staying home for the ‘best seat in the stadium’…I didn’t know that rule had changed.

Sometimes this placeholder is scheduled…

To Be Announced.

Comes and goes, here and there -
In his screen shot some are [NEW] and [LIVE] yet!?! across various channels.


It changed at least 5 years ago, which is good since the Titans rarely sell out anymore.

The only event that I know of that is always blacked out locally to increase attendance is the Indy 500.

The owner of each teams has the option.

So the NFL requires teams to sell out games within 72 hours of game time or risk a blackout.

Of course this led to the famous city buying tickets to prevent a blackout.