Two minor recording issues

The first issue has been going on for months but I didn’t think it important enough to complain about and really thought Tablo would resolve it eventually. That hasn’t happened, so is anyone else having shows record even after you had turned the scheduled recording off for a certain date? I do not subscribe to the guide, so all my recordings are manually set to record a weekly timeslot. I check my tv guide app to see which of my shows will have new episodes, and if there is a rerun, I go into my Tablo schedule and mark that date to not record (turning the icon to grey instead of orange). The problem is that the show records anyway unless I tell it not to record on the same DAY it is set to record. If I try to do this the day before then at some point during the night, my Tablo turns the record setting back to orange and the rerun records. I’m curious if this is just my Tablo or a universal issue.

The second problem just appeared today. I was looking at my recording schedule and noticed that 2 of the 3 shows I have scheduled for Thursdays every week, show upcoming recordings scheduled for January 14! They also show March 3 and March 10 like they should. So why do they show one date that is more than a month old as an upcoming recording? And why just those two shows out of the more than a dozen repeating recordings that I have set? Odd!

Never happened using the guide. Suggest submitting ticket.

@dvras - Sounds like something funky is happening with the date & time on your Tablo. Touch base with our support team and we’ll get this sorted out for you: