TVO no longer shutting down OTA transmitters

Our emails, phone calls, etc worked! Just got the following email from TVO:

At TVO, one of the few things that rivals the power of learning is the power and loyalty of viewers like you. We appreciate you reaching out to us recently about our decision to decommission 8 over-the-air transmitters, and I am writing to you today to inform you that we will continue to transmit free broadcast signals across all 8 of those transmitters in Ottawa, Belleville, Thunder Bay, Chatham, Cloyne, Kitchener, London, and Windsor.

Your feedback was important to us. We also listened to feedback from these communities impacted by the decision, from loyal TVO donors, and from others. We shared your concerns with our primary funding partner, the Government of Ontario, which resulted in the government’s decision to flow an additional $1 million to TVO to ensure we can continue to operate the transmitters.

That means these over-the-air signals will continue, along with TVO’s commitments to strategic priorities of digital learning and high-quality current-affairs journalism.

We are deeply moved by your loyalty to TVO. In return, you have our commitment that our team at TVO will keep pushing forward with the power of learning.


Customer Relations

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@slippy51 That is nice of them. They should bring back the “Eureka!” show.

YES! That show rocked! (Although I swear I watched most of the episodes on days my science teacher was hung over.)

For those who have no idea what we’re talking about:

@TabloTV Goodness gracious, this makes me feel so much older than I am. Must be the resolution.
Such a gem.

Ha! I remember that show. I wonder if they still do the Hinterland Who’s Who still? (or was that CBC?)