TV with built in Fire TV, has 5.1 support. No sound with tablo 5.1

I just go the sound in my living room working well. So I turned on the “surround sound” option on Tablo and had no problem. Except in my bedroom I have a small tv with built in FireTV ( Insignia NS-24DF310NA19 24-inch 720p HD Smart LED TV- Fire TV Edition). Sound no longer works there. The small tv has support for 5.1. I tried all the option for sound and all variations of setup. Internal speakers on/off (with or without 3.5mm jack to amplified speakers). Digital audio format PCM, Dolby DIgital, Auto. Audio Mixing on/off - “Your TV defaults to supporting 5.1 channels through Dolby Audio playback. Turn off Audio Mixing to support a max of 7.1 channels”. I even tried the optical out to a downmixer for my 3.5mm amplified speakers. I tried calling Tablo support. Normally I’ve been impressed with Tablo support but this time, well I guess when it involves other products it gets more difficult.
Anyone have any suggestions and/or a list of TVs with built in Fire TV that work?

Are you using the Tablo PREVIEW app or the original app on that Fire TV TV?

Only Tablo PREVIEW can handle Surround Sound.

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Are you routing sound using the optical digital, maybe? Only HDMI supports 5.1 or better.

Yes that was it. Why the tech support guy didn’t mention that is something.
I dont understand why the old app has a surround sound checkbox if you need the new app to get the sound. Also not sure why my lving room tv worked with the old app but the small tv needs the new “preview” app to work, when the checkbox is checked. Anyway, thank you.