TV shuts off when on Prime

When I listen to music or watch a movie on Amazon Prime my tv turns off. Is this caused by Amazon tv or Tabloid. Tv never does this when watching oat tv

What TV?

Vizo m65 tv just bought the tv October 3

If you’re watching Amazon Prime, then you’re not using the Tablo at all (at that time), so it can’t be the Tablo.

I don’t think there’s a Tablo app for Vizio TVs. What streamer box are you using?

I downloaded the tablo app and it works I have Amazon fire tv and tablo 2. With app I see the guide and I can watch shows

I was watching world series on my tablo and after 15 to 30 minutes tv shutoff

Check your tv settings, mate. There might be some option that is set.

Do you mean the Tablo app on your Amazon Fire TV device? Amazon Prime is something totally different than the Amazon Fire TV.

Good morning your right table app on fire tv box, I checked setting on the TV didn’t see anything there