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I guess I had this 4 tuner Tablo about 8 months or so. I have been recording steadily since then, even had to by 2 more USB hard drives as I kept filling up the current drive. Was getting concerned about all of this content just setting with no real good way to get it to my PLEX sever, which was the reason for buy this Tablo. Found ways to process these titles by hand by moving the hard drive to my QNap TS-451 NAS (primarily used as my PLEX server). Just plug it in to the USB port and it’s recognized and fully accessible. Bought a great piece of software called TMPGEnc MPEG Smart Render 4 to seamlessly stitch (concatenate) the TS segments together AND to edit out commercials whiles setting start and end points. This remarkably good and easy to use program would complete this task on an hour long show in about 5 to 7 minutes per title. This included all the time it took to open the TS segments, edit, smart render (only re-rendering modified portions and sometimes cut points if necessary to rebuilt the GOP), and save back into my PLEX TV Show or TV Movie folder. Worked so good, I was almost happy. It was actually faster then using either Tablo Exporter or SurLaTablo.ply while the hard drive was still connected to my Tablo, as I still had to wait for MCEBuddy to process the file and remove commercial content. So, I used some of each of these ways to move commercial free TV Shows and TV Movies to my PLEX. Just about the time I was humming with this, I found Tablo Ripper. Giving it a try, I liked the fully automated way it worked, watching for new content to appear on the Tablo device. It worked nearly flawlessly and the few changes necessary to work fully where quickly added by CycleJ at my request.

Well, that was a few months back now and I have since finished manually moving/editing all of my content from backups/hard disks and Tablo Ripper has been taking care of Tablo’s hard drive all by itself. About all I do now is every few days open File Manager and move the completed titles into there respective folders to keep everything neat and tidy. Doing this also fixes missmatched titles that will happen in PLEX occasionally. Only a few minutes a week and all of my TV recordings are just what I want and right where I want them. GREAT!

So, right now I have 93 TV Shows, with 266 Seasons, for a total of 3030 episodes! I will never watch them all. But they are there to watch anytime I want and I also make my PLEX server available across the internet to my kids and their families. Really could not be happier how well all of this is work. I really appreciate @cjcox, @jestep and @CycleJ for their hard and continuing work to help all of us retrieve our Tablo content for our purposes. They each should be rewarded in some way as what they did makes my Tablo a good investment, rather then a bad one. And, I am certain more people have found this true as well.



Been recording Route 66 this weekend on the Decades Route 66 marathon (48 hours) and moving the episodes to Plex. Everything has gone well this weekend. Look forward to more marathons in the future. Thanx Tablo Ripper.

BTW I used TMPGEnc 15 years ago for video processing; at that time it was THE tool to use. What memories going back…

I have the same situation with my Amazon Kindle. I download eBooks constantly from free sites such as Gutenberg whether I immediately read them or not. After several years of doing so, I have about 2,000 books on my Kindle. I figure that if I read eight hours a day every day, I will need 200 years to finish reading everything I downloaded. I just like the feeling of having everything that’s been written with me especially when I travel…

With all the music, books and videos I have stored digitally, my wife asked me what would I do if our house burned down and I lost all that (after years of work). So I bought a 3 TB drive, loaded everything on there, got a free safe at our bank, and stored the drive there. Some favorite songs, books and videos I also store in the cloud using all the space that Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Dropbox and Box freely provide.

Thanks for thanks. SurLaTablo began, well, it began when I was looking for a new job and one of those jobs needed for me to know Python. Of course, as a Tablo and Plex user, I had another reason to create it. I’m not a Windows person. I’m not a Mac person. I’m one of those weird and rare Linux persons. However, I did test SurLaTablo out on Windows and OSX… I still use SurLaTablo to move stuff of Tablo and onto my Plex server.

I’m both a Linux and Windows user so I run Tablo Ripper on Windows and SurLaTablo on my Ubuntu desktop (a converted MacMini). I didn’t know Tablo was female (“La”); I thought Tablo was male (“Le”). SurLaTablo or SurLeTablo? Nahhh…Tablo couldn’t be transgend…

Can’t you cut it down a bit to 150 years if you read 12 hours a day?

SurLaTablo vs. SurLeTablo… well, since I’m from the USA, inanimate objects are often referred to in the feminine (no offense to the fairer sex though).

It’s rare I bet, but surely not every noun that ends in ‘o’ is masculine? But I don’t know French.

@TabloTV Est ce que c’est un Tablo ou une Tablo? Merci.

The eyes just aren’t what they used to be…

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What are you using for OS X…? This is interesting is there some where I can read about all of this? Is it fully automated …? I do enjoy the thought of commercial free watching. Im not a keeper of recordings I would delete after viewing not sure if this would be a good fit…? I do run a plex server mainly for movies off of a Mac Mini, so my thought is if it is fully automated I could install in the mac mini and let it go

anyways more info would be nice ! Thank you !


Here’s the link to the thread.


Years of suffering through French grammar classes allows me to definitively say it’s ‘le Tablo’.

However, I always thought @cjcox was borrowing from the expression, ‘sur la table’ in which case the preposition ‘la’ would be appropriate.

Grammatical nonsense aside, we very much appreciate all of the hard work that @Jestep, @cjcox and @CycleJ have done in providing these awesome utilities.

While we still plan to add download capabilities to our product, it’s nice that some of our superfans have stepped in to fill the gap while we’ve been working on other features.

I was… my French is limited to ‘I Love Lucy’ episodes. :smile: