TV Show search, unable to scroll

I’m using Safari on a Macbook.

When I search a program on the TV Shows tab, I’m unable to scroll (e.g., searching “Utah” yields over 15 tiles of News programs and shows). However, I am not able to scroll through them. This makes my search results require more specific terms. Frustrating.

I did a quick test in Chrome. If I am full screen, and I search for something large (like “news”), I get a lot of results and can’t scroll. But if I make my browser window a little smaller so that it isn’t full screen, my scroll control on the right side is usable again.

See if that works the same in Safari.

It seems the same with Safari. Fullscreen window (regardless of the number of tiles) doesn’t scroll but resizing the window (in my case to half screen) seems to resolve this.

Glad the workaround is working, but this does appear to be a bug in the web app. None of the other screens have issues with scrolling, just search when in full screen.