TV listings, time/date are wrong on Roku

My TV listings, time and date are all wrong on my Roku. When I go to the home screen, the time in the upper right corner is correct. It is only the show listing page where the time and date are off by several days and hence the shows are incorrect.

How do I resolve this?

I would try removing the app and re-adding.

Assuming you have a guide subscription, I would would go to the setting page and check the status of your subscription. I would also go down the settings page and try to update the guide.

Try some different ZIP codes close to you.

You have the correct time set on your Tablo?

Under settings/system, set the zip code to where the stations are, not necessarily where you live.
Then go to TV inputs/Live TV/Scan for channels/start finding channels/OK/Start over.
This fixed all my Roku TVs including TCL and ONN.
Good luck.