TV Guide Overlay

A guide overlay would be nice so you don’t have to stop the broadcast you’re currently viewing to see what else is on. I’m kind of surprise something like this doesn’t already exist on Tablo. It’s kind of a common thing for TV viewers.


It exists on the web app.

Yeah I know but I guess this kind of goes along with another post someone else made about the UI not being consistent across devices which can be frustrating. How do you get to the guide if watching “full screen” with the web app? I’ve found I need to take it off of full screen so the arrows for the guid show. I do the majority of my viewing with Roku 3s which I have found to be the worst of the Tablo UIs.

The web app is just the easiest to develop, so it will have the most features. But even the web app is different on a PC/Mac than it is on a phone or tablet, though it is pretty close on the FireTv.

I don’t know if the Tablo preview app will ever have all the features of the web app. It’s such a different way of programming as far as I can tell.

Yeah, I really like this idea. On the Roku Channel App, it could be as simple as pressing the (*) option button to pull up a mini or half-screen guide when watching live TV or a recording. This could create a simple and elegant workaround to the urge to channel-surf.