TV guide not showing for some channels


I installed my Tablo a few days ago. Everythings works just great, exect for one thiing: TV guide is not populating for some channels (that would populate Over The Air on a different device). Since the program list is not showing, then I cannot play that channel either.

For instance, it works great for channel 3-3 ION, but not or 5-1 WPTZ. I uploaded a screen capture to show the problem.

When I scan the channels, they are all there.

What can I do?


Try putting in a nearby zipcode instead of your own on the settings page in your browser.


As far as actually tuning the channel, are you saying that when the grid has nothing listed you also can’t select the actual channel number and have it play live from that channel?

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To answer cthompgh:

I tried a very simlar postal code (one block from here) and got very similar results (10 out of 23 channels without guide).

Then I tried a postal code from donwtownn Montreal (about 20 miles from here), and now it is much better. There is only one channel missing the guide. Postal code I used is H3B 4W5 and missing info is for channel 31-1 WNNE-HD.

Rather than randomly trying all the existing postal codes 1 by 1, is there one good postal code that would have all the channels?

To answer Nilex:

I did not know that by clicking the channel number rather than in the grid, I could play the channel. I tried and it works. Thans for the advice.


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Why doesn’t Tablo support post all the ‘working’ Zip Codes? - so we know what to put into the setting?

What does “working Zip Codes” mean? Tablo contracts with a 3rd party for the guide data.

I’ve seen sub-channels appear after a channel scan where not only does the main channel WEB page provide no information about the sub-channel but also the sub-channel WEB page doesn’t list it as available in the specific ZIP code.

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Meaning the best choice for Zip Codes in your broadcast station area. Wouldn’t that work?

I had to try several before i ‘guessed’ at the one that worked. Just an idea.

You just need to put in a support ticket with the channel numbers missing guide data, along with your zip code, and the folks at Tablo will put the request in with their guide provider. It may take a couple of weeks until it’s updated.

Most of the time users pick a ZIP code one ZIP code closer to the missing channel’s broadcast tower.

Since ZIP codes are often based on population size, the physical size of some ZIP could be large or small.

I live in a small ZIP code. I know the ZIP code right next to mine is closer to the broadcast stations but gets almost zero OTA due to a 600FT peak. I wonder what it’s guide data looks like.

And they create new zip codes all the time and move people around, etc. It’s a mess, I’ve been through this. Nothing like “not existing” for a year or more.

We live in a small populated area and all our channels are 50 plus miles away in all directions. With our antenna set up we get 30 plus channels but only get about 1/3 of them in the guide. It would be great if we could get Lafayette, In, South Bend, In, Muncie, In, Auburn, In. The zip code we have set only shows Ft Wayne and Indianapolis in the guide.
It would be nice to be able to set up more than ZIP code.

Yep, as noted above, just send us a note and we can add the missing data to any channels that your Tablo is receiving without guide data. Because of the size and complexity (and ever-changing nature) of OTA, it’s unfortunately not simple to post a tool detailing which zips will or won’t work in your area.

This can also be user specific, since not all users in the same area receive the same stations. However, we’re constantly look at this process and how it can be improved. Stay tuned :slight_smile:

I placed the request last Sunday, and the missng channel just appeared today (4 days later). So problem solved.

If you are in the Montreal area, then H3B 4W5 is a good postal code to use.

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Do you get tv guide on Channel 10 TVA because I dont.
Thanks Benoit

Yes I do.

I use Postal Code H3B4W5. This is theone that now gets me everything.