TV Guide Data Service - Goodbye Lifetime Subscription?

I currently own the Tablo QUAD. I purchased the lifetime TV Guide Subscription for it & am overall happy with the device. Minus the fact that they don’t have any official software to transfer / backup your recordings.
I’ve looked into the Quad HDMI as an “upgrade” so that I can record higher def recordings but am frustrated with the money grab that Tablo has done with discontinuing the lifetime TV guide subscription on basically any of the newer Tablo devices.
The TiVo Edge offers a lifetime subscription & records in HD… are there any other cons that I’m not seeing other than 2 tuners vs 4 tuners?

You may want to check with the Tablo folks on that. For the new ATSC 3.0 Quad HDMI, it specifically states you can transfer subscriptions, and I am pretty sure that includes lifetime ones. So if you have a lifetime sub on your current quad, you may be able to transfer it from a network based Tablo to an HDMI one.

You just can’t get a lifetime sub on a HDMI Tablo directly.




Printing poster size of your graphic.

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unofficial backup - - Backup all recorded shows from a Tablo

Not sure if there is a super hi-res image of the “snowcat” backdrop, but did find this one:

(note, the wp site above, like so many, has an expired cert, it will work http though if you prefer)

Very nice one. :slight_smile: