Tv Grid not updating

Hey guys, I’m having issues with my hdmi Tablo and the live tv grid not loading. Also after a show is recorded it will still say recording in the recent recording section. Sometimes it will say recording even a day after but not be able to watch the show. I have had my unit since early December as have had a great experience and very few issues until the last couple of weeks. Do I need to do a reset or something? Thanks in advance for any advice

Reboot (aka power cycle) your Tablo.

Did you post the same question twice?

Yea, wasn’t sure what category to post it in. I deleted the other.

Is that the reset tab in the settings. Will it delete my recordings or settings that I already have.

You can just unplug it from the power adapter, wait a couple of minutes, then plug it back in.

See below. The Restart button shouldn’t delete recordings, just reboot the Tablo.

  • MORE INFORMATION - Includes additional deep-level details about your Tablo DVR as well as a handy RESTART button.

Restart seems to have done the trick, thanks!

Did you use the restart button in the settings? Or just pull the power cord?

I did the restart on the settings. It seems to have fixed the issues. I guess that would be a soft reset as opposed to pulling the power cord. I have to do the same thing to my Apple TV every now and then.