Tv channel update

18.4 in Austin TX became PBS KIDS. Somehow even TV Guide got the change, yet Tablos guude provider is late as usual. The channel is still showing KLRU-VME but the programming has changed. TV Guide list the channel as KLRU-VM but has the correct schedule for PBS KIDS.

Channel now identifies as PBSKids, even on Tablo. Just guude data is wrong

@TabloTV how did even TV Guide get the change nut not your provider?

Yes, I think the guide needs some work… Especially if we are paying for it… I got a scheduled recording from Qubo channel for my kids “Artzooka” and it came out a paid programming or other cartoon program… Not just one time but several of them… Some other channels too I noticed… I dunno’ if this is coming from Tablo’s info guide or from the network service itself?

Check TV Guide and compare. I can’t say if TitanTV got mine correct or not. I selected PBSKids as source for 18.4 priir to the change.

Also using TitanTV i have a schedule for AntennaTV in 19.6 and no one has it. That is what I like about TitanTV…yoy can make your own listibgs using yoyr channel and another channel like it *i created it as 19.6 but schedule is WOAI 4.2 in San Antonio. In all fairness, the 19.6 chanbel has nothing if I press the ibfo button.

@beastman Thank you! I bookmarked TitanTV website… This will definitely help me… I don’t have a whole lot on my channel listings… Just pretty much the local news and some kids channel… I do get a lot of channels from what’s pulling on my Antenna tho… About 60 Channels total but 40 channels I would say a solid strong green signal… A combination of HD and non-HD… A big thanks to Antennas Direct Clearstream 2V… At first, I tried to add all of them to my Guide… But it was so slow to sync, especially on my iOS devices… so now I settled with about 25 channels and that speed things up a lot…

@TabloTV If it helps you any, here is the information for 19.6

Austin, TX 78758 (and others)

includes a phone number. Ovet the Air guide says TBA, so I called the station. Need to call back in an hour.

As i suspected, 18.4 problem is now fixed (PBSKids)

23.2 is still wrong. Should be Country Music Videos.

19.6 still MISSING
@TabloSupport any eta?

Don’t hold your breath. I’m still waiting for a guide fix I submitted March 24th.

Manual recordong gets old after two weeks. No one has 19.6 though TV Guide claims it does. It does have other subchannels but not 19.6. Even ota tv direct pressing guide is blank. At least i made my own. To bad Tablo didn’t pick titantv to be their provider.

@zippy @beastman Hey guys! If you can, PM me the reference number we gave you for the guide data provider ticket. I’ll see if we can get them to escalate this.

It’s up now on the TV Guide app.

19.6 is in the guide and Matthew closed it. Another was opened for 23.2.

I opened the ticket 3/15. The ticket was closed as fixed 3/24. I replied that it wasn’t fixed 3/24. I just sent support the info they requested.

23.2 is really Country Music Videos (in English) and not a Spanish station you would think it is.

18.4 was fixed onfirst Monday after April 1.