Turn off live recording overnight?

New to Tablo, old to DirecTV. I understand the power button does not turn the Tablo off. But is there a way to stop live recording to the hard drive 24/7?

DirecTV power button turns off the display lights and stops live recording but keeps unit in standby for future recordings.


You may need to define “live recording”. Unless someone is actively tuned to a channel(watching). Nothing is happening until either a recording event occurs or a user tunes a channel for linear viewing. The tuner is deselcted once the user leaves the viewing session.

I have a HDMI version, not network. If you can’t turn it off then its always tuned to a station even if the TV is off. The hard drive light runs all night so its recording something. I assume its the current channel so I can rewind it.

Most WD USB drives have a heartbeat pulse all the time. And if the model has a light it flashes all day and night. I don’t have the HDMI model. You would need someone with a HDMI model to verify that if you are in the recordings menu a tuners is selected - and recording.

If you “turned on” your DirecTV HD DVR, couldn’t you REV to the beginning of the show in progress?

Search for live TV. After a period of time with no live streaming, tablo stops transcoding, aka recording. It doesn’t continue forever.

On note: your tablo is designed to operate with little to no intervention. Other than using it to watch programming. Trying to make it work the way you feel it should instead of the way it’s designed may cause issues.

The ext HD is reading/writing all night. The non-random blink of light shows it. I can feel it. Its not a benign HD periodic sweep. What is it doing then?

I just turned the TV on. Hadn’t changed the Tablo channel for ~3.5 hours. There was 1.5 hours of past time recorded. That 90 mins probably floats, so its always recording and overwriting. Same thing DTV does when on, but stops that when off. This is a waste of electricity and will end the live of the HD sooner than is necessary.

It’s not wasted if it’s making using it. It’s somewhat proprietary information, everything it does.

I’ve used DirecTV and it had ability to rewind what ever when you started watching a show when first turned “on”. Maybe not using the “drive” but it was otherwise recording.

You can put a piece of black electrical tape over the light, this way it won’t bother you (you won’t see it blinking). You can sit back and let your tablo do what it does and you can enjoy using it the knowing it knows what it’s doing… all by it’s self.

When you turn on DTV there is no past to rewind to. Just proved it. It is energy efficient.

I don’t care about the Tablo running, I know it always runs to make future recordings. The question is about the drive. Consumer drives are not meant to be run 24/7. And god help someone if they used an SSD for this.

Please stop replying, as you aren’t helping this discussion.

Have you tried going to a screen that isn’t showing any live TV and leaving it there? I don’t have an HDMI unit, so I can’t do it.

I don’t have an HDMI unit, but I’m surprised by this. Maybe @TabloTV can provide further information.

I too am a bit disappointed that the Power button does nothing on my brand new Tablo HDMI unit. Using a manual switch on the power line will be a pain. I admit that I am a cheapskate which is why I dropped cable. But I don’t want to pay the power company either.

Do you unplug your TV? Odds are it consumes as much or more while “off”. Tablo devices, because of how they work, need to be on all the time.

Strangely, in most cases, your TV does not (but it is).

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That was the trick. If you leave it on the guide it will stop recording after an hour or so.

Acceptable, I guess, if I remember to do that. An alternative would be to do what DirecTV and cable DVRs do which is to ask if anyone is still watching after 4 hours if no buttons are pressed.