Tuner stuck

When I was watching live TV on Roku last night, tuner was stuck.  Roku

kept playing the same clip over and over again.  I couldn’t fast forward to
skip it.  It lasted about 15 minutes until I rebooted Tablo.  TV signal
was fine.  I could watch live TV after rebooting.  Has anyone else seen

Are you expereincing this issue?


It sounds quite similar, but I am not sure if it is the same issue.   I was only watching live TV

and wasn’t recording it.  I don’t know if recording would be OK or not.  Since I do have a one-hour
recording which stopped at 27 minutes, I would assume recording would have been cut short
if I had recorded it.

@TabloUser2015 We’re investigating the issue linked above by @roraniel - please let me know if this crops up again. We’re gathering data on this behaviour.

@TabloUser2015 - I have seen this happen several times and have only found a reboot to fix it. It appears to be caused on a weak signal that drops out for a bit, then the tuner just gets “stuck”.