Tuner in use - NBC News didn't record

I regularly record NBC Nightly News, 5-5:30 and has worked most times. Now that I got METV and had something scheduled MANUALLY, the conflicts DID NOT show up, and I missed NBC Nightly News Tonight.

I’m going to look to see what is scheduled and find something to cancel.

@TabloTV any way to have MANUAL recordings check conflicts? The NBC News was already set up to record.

Like I said previously, it’s time to debug manual recordings.

@beastman - Which app was this on? Nexus or Roku? Are you using beta firmware and app software?

Also which did you set to record first? Nightly News or your manual recording? Did your manual recording come through?

Beta everything. Recordings mostly set using Samsung Galaxy S7. NBC News has been set to record since I’ve had the Tablo. I fixed the problem last night by canceling a recording I don’t watch to often. Now that I have METV with shows I prefer to watch instead of Unsolved Mysteries.

This morning zip scheduled MASH 6 to 6:30 and 6:30 to 7. Recording name the same but it created two different groups. Guess this is the advantage of using EPG.