Tuner Dead on Arrival

Trying to set up my Tuner 4 for the first time. When I get to the channel scan, Tablo does not recognize any channels. If I connect the antenna directly to the TV, it sees channels. Have tried multiple reboots and doing initial set up via web app and Ipad with the same results. Is the tuner in my Tablo dead on arrival? Manufacturing defect?

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Using a Mohu Leaf 50 (amplified). And I replaced the RG59 cable supplied by Mohu with a 6 ft long RG6.

You have the Mohu amplifier in line as well?

USB amplifier is built into and comes directly off the antenna. Currently have the amplifier usb plugged into 2nd usb port on the Tab).

Plug the amplifier into a wall outlet to power it, not the Tablo.

@86, same result. Going back to check antenna with and without the amplifier directly connected to TV. If there is no difference, will suspect antenna amplifier not working and return antenna. If there is a difference, will suspect Tablo and return it. This is painful.

@sdw - Please place a ticket with support. We can actually log in to your Tablo and see if the tuner is functioning correctly. It should save you some troubleshooting time.


@Tablo, did that and left a couple of phone calls.

Good news is I attached the antenna to Tablo without the “Amplifier” and Tablo then recognized channels. Woo hoo, i’m in business although hope to improve signal strength if Mohu sends me a new Amplifier. Sorry to waste you folks time. Thanks for the help!!


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Amplifiers receive way too frequent endorsement by folks who really don’t understand their function. Amplifiers are meant for long cable runs not to somehow “magically” draw-in more signal from the air. It’s almost become like automotive fuel/oil additives and similar “hope in a can” type products.

Good OTA DTV signal reception in my experience is based on location, location, location. Find the best location for your site. Elevation is almost always the best “additive” for good OTA reception.

Another useful technique is sometimes using more than one antennae on a splitter. Or at least an antennae optimized for both UHF/VHF as some broadcasters continue to span the RF spectrum.

But the main thing is to find ideal location at your site and don’t be adverse to comparing reception directly on HDTV tuner and the Tablo. That’s often the only way to visualize if Tablo “should” experience good antennae connection/reception.

Thanks for the tips and advice. The more educated I become, the more questions I have.

  1. Any recommendations for an inexpensive RF signal strength meter?
  2. What is the maximum or recommended signal strength going into a Tablo 4?
  3. What is considered a “long” cable run requiring an amplifier over RG6 cable? 20, 30, 100 ft?

I am in Virginia suburbs of Washington D.C. 25-30 miles from broadcast towers. Have not returned Mohu 50 yet, will try relocating slightly higher in house. Not sure how i’d power an amp in my attic, but maybe amp not necessary if I get it high enough.