Tuner Conflicts

I’m pretty happy with my new two-tuner Tablo and the Roku app, however there are two points that I have not figured out yet.

  1. On my old Tivo, I could easily determine if, due to a tuner conflict, a scheduled program was not going to be recorded. However, I have not found a way to determine when this situation is going to occur on the Tablo. In other words, how can I determine if a scheduled recording is actually going to occur?

  2. Is there a way to set the priority for recording various programs? On the Tivo, the Season Pass manager made this very easy, however I have not found a way to do this on the Tablo. How does Table determine how to resolve a Tuner conflict?


An episode will be marked as conflicted if it cannot be recorded because
there are no tuners available to record it. For a 2-tuner Tablo, this
would occur when there are already two shows scheduled to record in the
same time slot. Tablo always works on a first scheduled, first served
basis so the recordings that have been previously successfully scheduled
to record will be recorded. The program that created the conflict will
be marked as conflicted and will not be recorded.


Under the Scheduled Tab, any show with a scheduling conflict will have a Red clock icon in the top right of the Show poster. This means there is a conflict. You can go check it.

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Many thanks for the pointers!

In the WEB app under the Scheduled Tab and right below the word Scheduled if a menu bar that starts with the category All. The right hand category is Conflicts. It should contain all conflicts or at least it use to.

And in the Recording Menu there use to be a magical menu item that only appeared when there was a failed recording.

Here are two follow up questions:

  1. All of the answers to my original question have been in reference to the web app, however I use a Roku. Does the Roku app show Conflicts in the Scheduled tab?

  2. If I program a new recording, with the Tablo warn me immediately if the new recording with create a tuner conflict? Or do I have to separately look for conflicts (Tivo does this - and it’s very helpful to know right away if there is an issue).


  1. No. There is no conflicts section on the Roku app.
  2. Yes (at least on the web-based apps)

I use the Roku3 all the time, mate.

  1. The Roku programme doesn’t have a Conflicts section.
  2. Yes, the Roku will show the conflict immediately. I use the Schedule - Upcoming to see conflicts (they are shown). It is sorted by time so you can deduce what it is in conflict with.