Tuner comparison question

I realize that it’s a ballpark kind of answer I’m looking for, but here goes…

I have on OTA channel that is marginal. I have a Tivo Premiere and a Roamio. Even though the Roamio is a 4 tuner (vs Premiere 2), it gets better reception. The problem channel is clear most of the time on it, while the Premiere is always pixilated). I have tried using a WinTV tuner with my ShieldTV and the results are about the same as the Premiere, which is to say, not good.

For anyone who might have an idea… how would the tuners compare to the above devices? I’m thinking I would like to dive into the Tablo (and sell the Premiere), but if I can’t get the channels I want, theres not much use to that.

Oh, and while I have not used a HDHomerun, can anyone comment on the strength of that tuner?

Not looking for guarantees, but general info/knowledge. Thanks!

For marginal channels, have you tried installing an LTE filter and also a preamp at the antenna mast?

I did that with my Clearstream 4V antenna and solved some signal issues. This is of course with the Tablo dual tuner. I’ve never used any of the other products.

Surprisingly a big difference even though my cable run was only about 30 feet.

This is the LTE filter (there’s a good thread here on this forum where many ppl had success with it):

Not to hijack your thread, but I’m only trying to suggest ways you improve the signal on those devices with “poorer” tuners. This is the preamp, many here have recommended it.

From what I have read, do not turn to the tablo’s to get improved receptions. I havn’t seen anyone ever go “this one channel on my other dvr never came in but it comes in fine on my tablo!”. If you have a problem channel, sort out your antenna before changing your tuner.

Funny you should recommend that preamp. I got one and it actually made my signal WORSE. (if someone wants it, they can pay me shipping). I got a Winegard preamp and that really helped. My problem channel is a problem though, even with the preamp.

Ok, I only asked because the Roamio must have a solid tuner. My marginal channel comes in pretty well on that box. Thanks anyway.

Is your problem channel VHF or UHF?

Maybe you need a bigger VHF component?

VHF. All my other signals are solid (around 80 or so) but this one hovers around 50 or so (these are Tivo Roamio measurements). It also happens to be CBS, which I watch a lot of (figures).

Anyway, I just got an offer on a Tivo Bolt for a good price if I trade off my Premiere, so I’m going that route. Didn’t even have to think twice about getting rid of that POS. Thanks all!


Let us know how it goes. Interested to hear about tuner comparisons.

In case anyone is still following this, I got the Bolt. The tuner is as solid as my Roamio, so I’m all set. One would think these guys would all put the best OTA tuner they can in ALL boxes. One would be wrong. Good luck to you all.

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