Tuner availability

Last night I had 3 shows recording at the same time.
Modern Family on ABC
X-Files on Fox
Riverdale on CW
while they were recording, my TV displayed a tuner has been re-assigned.
I flipped to live TV and scrolling up and down. I see Brit Floyd on PBS. I select it and I get a message that there were no tuners available. I could select one of the currently recording programs or previously recorded program.
I have a 4 tuner Tablo, so I should have been able to use the 4th to watch a live tv show. Why not?
I checked the live tv guide, and only the recording stations were blinking red, indicating the tuners were in use. No one else has remote access to my tablo. Is there a way to see how many tuners might be in use and from what device it is being used from? Future feature?


However, there’s more complete info “somewhere” that includes how an extra tuner is used on the highest quality setting in certain cases.

Ugh, my explanation was only partially correct, so I removed it.
The Tablo Support article in the comment below accurately describes what’s happening.
I verified it on my Tablo Quad.

That’s on the KB:

An updated ‘tuner math’ article is on the to-do list that includes info on corner cases like this that have popped up since the original blog was written many moons ago, in a land far-far away. :smiley:

Also note that a 2-tuner Tablo can record two 720p shows at the highest settings. These restrictions only affect the 4-tuner Tablo.

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Majing thumbnails might enter into it too, unless thimbnail geneeation gets suspended when tuner is needed