Tuner affinity?

It would be helpful for troubleshooting purposes to be able to choose which tuner a Tablo is using to record a specific TV program.

Speaking of this, when performing a channel scan, does the Tablo use one or both (or all four) tuners?

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All tuners should be identical if it’s designed properly. I also assume the channel scan will use just one tuner.

The only unbalanced multi-tuner device I know of was a Motorola DCT-6412 cable box. It was a modified version of a single tuner. Normally, there was probably an internal splitter for the TV and OOB (Out-Of-Band, for downloading program data and stuff) tuners. For the 6412, they put in a second splitter between the OOB and the second tuner. In the diagnostics pages, you could see the difference in signals in diagnostics… When I used to have problems, I would try to set up recordings so that good channels would tune first which used tuner 2 (weaker), and then a second recording would use tuner one.

Is there any kind of tutorial you can point me to that discusses how to assign channels to a specific tuner?

I’m about to perform a rest with recording two different channels simultaneously. Say channel 5 and channel 9 (both are local in my area and both come in pretty strong on the TV tuners.

If you bought a gen 4 it should still be under warranty. If you think you have a bad tuner put the unit in maintenance mode and open a ticket.

I don’t see assigning recording to specific tuner in the foreseeable future. I suspect tablo has other features and enhancements to spend their R&D money on.

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