.ts to .mkv with subtitles

Hi All - what a good forum, eh !

I have .ts files downloaded with tablo2go. I have been using Handbrake to create .mkv files afterwards because that creates smaller files. However, even though I “check” the box for subtitles, they aren’t available when I view the resulting .mkv file with VLC.

I prefer .mkv files because my TLC TV recognizes these better than other files and provide more options for them. .mpg files don’t allow me to fast-forward ( yeah, I don’t get it )

When I view the .ts file with VLC, the subtitles are available, so I know the .ts file has it.

Does anybody have a ffmpeg command that works for this, and provides a smaller file that still looks good ?

OK, I think I’m on to something. The AUR in Arch has “ccextractor”, and I installed it. It creates a .srt file that is a subtitle file. I then ran Handbrake on the .ts file, and now the resultant .mkv file has subtitles when I run VLC. However, I question whether the .mkv file has the subtitles, or rather VLC is actually reading the .srt file as it plays the .mkv.

So, I have more experimenting to do :slight_smile:

Even though it appears that nobody cares, here’s the final solution :slightly_smiling:

ccextractor “Show.ts”
HandBrakeCLI -o “Show.ts” --preset=“Normal” --srt-file “Show.srt” -s “1,2,3,4,5,6” --subtitle-burned -o “Show.mkv”

There are what appears to be more than necessary quotation marks, but they exist in case there are spaces in the TV-Show names ( which is typical ).


This is good to know and I really appreciate you following up with the solution. It will come handy to me one day when I have the need to extract the shows from Tablo. Thanks!!!