Trying to understand the 4th tuner lockout conditions

I read the Tuner Requirements for Highest Quality Setting (1080 - 10Mbps, 720@60fps) – 4-Tuner Tablo DVRs knowledge base article and the Choosing the Right Live TV & Recording Quality Settings for your Tablo OTA DVR blog post.

I have gigabit ethernet, Tablo Quad is hardwired, Roku Ultra in the living room is hard wired, 3 other TVs use Roku Streaming Stick+ on 5G.

My current setting for Live and Recording are both set at 1080 - 8Mbs.

If I switch the LIVE setting to 1080 - 10Mbs (720@60fps), will I never hit that 4th tuner lockout? It seems to depend upon RECORDING at the 1080-10/720-60fps setting which I’m not using.

Am I understanding this yet?

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That knowledge base article was written before the Tablo had separate recording quality settings for Live TV and Recordings.

If you set the Live TV quality to the highest 1080p 10 Mbps 720p 60 fps, then yes you will “lock” that 4th tuner if you are watching 3 different live TV stations on 3 different devices at the same time. And of course those 3 different channels are actually all broadcasting at 720p 60 fps. You would not be able to watch a 4th channel on a 4th device live as there wouldn’t be a 4th tuner available.

Will you ever have 3 people watching 3 different stations at the same time? If no, then I wouldn’t worry about it.

Of course, if a recording is going to start, then the tuner wouldn’t be locked from recording because it would just kick off someone watching live TV as recording takes precedence.

There’s just 2 of us. Almost always watching whatever we’re watching together. So at most we’d be watching 2 live streams. Maybe I’ll just leave it as it is. It seems fine. Just wondering if I’d actually see the difference between 1080-10 and 1080-8.

Why not just run it at 1080p 10 Mbps and then see if you run into any conflicts?

I’m going to borrow some phrases here-
OK… this is nitpicky, but I’m just going to put it out there…

Hardwired or “hard wired” means the cable from the product is physically connected or wired into the end point. There is NO plug to plug in. Physical wired network connections are just wired, while using RJ45

As I said, this is nitpicky and I really only posted it to inform people of the correct terminology.
disclaimer: this was posted for information, NOT to admonish, scold, pick on, belittle, or anything negative.


OK, ok…we all do it. :slight_smile:

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I just like saying ‘hard’ as much as possible :eggplant:


Depending on the conversation and how out-of-context whomever I’m talking to, I intentionally describe something a being difficult or challenging… but it’s hard to disagree with you.

…ok, now back to “Trying to understand the 4th tuner lockout conditions”