Trying to switch Tablo from ethernet to wi-fi

Okay, I get as far as having my iPad on iOS 15 logged into the Tablo_384B wireless network, and tap “Search for Tablo” in Tablo app on iPad. Then I get “Invalid response from Tablo”, “try again” or “cancel wi-fi configuration”. I’ve rebooted the Tablo, and I still get “Invalid response from Tablo”.

Any clues on how to get past this problem to get my Tablo on wifi?

Has some support info here -

Or back to the beginning with

Thanks, I’ve visited those sites and more. No helpful troubleshooting information there.

Hoping someone that’s run into this can help :-).

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Never mind, found an old Samsung Galaxy Tab A tablet running Android 7.1.1. That worked just fine, have my Tablo on wi-fi now. Wow, is that Tab A slow :-).

So the problem most likely had to do with iOS 15.