Trying to set up Tablo Dual, it’s not transmitting WiFi and not detected when using Ethernet

I’m not sure what’s happening here…so I went to do the set-up over Ethernet, but it said there were no detectable units on my network or something. So I tried the wireless set-up, followed the instructions to the letter…but there was no wireless signal from the Tablo. I did it a second time, and the wireless signal showed up, great! So it went to scan for OTA signals and it said there were none. Which seemed odd because I was just watching them from the antenna on my tv. I moved the unit to my second floor, and it said the same thing.

So I tried resetting the unit because there was clearly something wrong. Only this time when I went through the setup it said it couldnt’ find any units via Ethernet (so same as first attempt), AND when I tried doing the wireless setup the unit wasn’t giving any wireless signal.

Any idea what’s going on here? Did I just get a dud unit? This IS a refurb. I’m really disappointed obviously; I had read up a lot on how easy this thing was to set up and it’s been a nightmare.

Refub from where? I would suggest that you unplug the Tablo and router for 5 mins. Then plug in the router, wait until is comes up and then plug in the Tablo. Then try the setup again. PS if you got the refurb from Tablo it is most likely OK - but anywhere else ??

Thank you for the reply; this is a refurb from Tablo. I’ll have to try what you said, although I don’t get why it wouldn’t detect it over ethernet, straight out of the box.

Tablo refurb comes with a warranty of if the Ethernet port is in fact dead, they will replace the unit.

So contact support directly to setup via Ethernet.

Definitely give us a ring (1-844-TABLOTV (822-5688) or send us a ticket. We should be able to get to the bottom of this quickly.

I tried again last night after the unit had been unplugged for a couple days; same thing, not broadcasting a wireless network

If you send us a ticket (and fill out the fields for your Tablo’s MAC address, etc.) our support team should be able to help.