Trying out a Tablo Gen 4, Not good so far.

I am in San Diego 92116. On the roof Weingard antenna, no amp, with very strong signals for channels 8 (CBS) and 10 (ABC), as seen through my Samsung frame TV flawlessly for the past 2 years. Both channels come from the same tower cluster about 9 miles away and verified today as quite strong when using the TV diagnostics showing signal strength. Yes, the TV picture is flawless on both channels as always.

Hoped this new Gen 4 device would get signals onto my mesh for use on another TV at the other end of the house.

Channel 8 will not come in at all, I am at a loss of what to try. I read signal may be too strong or too much noise or too weak? No diagnostics seem to be available to try and figure out what is happening with channel 8.

Also, the android app is crashing the launcher(s) on my android phone. Tried 3 launchers including stock and the all crash when the Tablo app is on the phone. Uninstall the app and all 3 launchers work fine again. Nova launcher actually identified the Tablo app as having a bug, it said contact the Tablo app developers (like that will help).

Anyway, is there anything in system logs or the device where I can look at a particular channel to figure out what the device is seeing as far as strength and noise?

Any help out there on why is it deciding 8 doesn’t exist before I return this thing?

Try turning amp off in settings if you havent already

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Thank you, yes, I I tried that a couple of times after reading about too strong a signal.

Went from 88 channels to 81 or 80 depending on the attempt. I am located to get LA and Tijuana stations so that was what was dropped.

Im 7 miles to towers, turned amp off, also mived antenna about 16 inches (indoors), it was fine b4 for the tv but helped with the tablo, thats about all i can think of, best wished

Thanks for the reply. 8 and 10 are both reading - 29 to - 32 range on the TV depending on when I check. They are supposed to be on the exact the same angle/location which I set up with a compass on the roof when I installed the antenna a couple of years ago.

IDK, Maybe something changed I don’t know about. But, why does the TV work absolutely perfectly, never a pixel out of place and this thing doesn’t even see the channel?

Different tuners, like 1 tv will work great and another not so great… but that doesnt mean tablo is a bad tuner, just slightly diff, having said that tho im speaking more to indoor antennas, outdoors you should have a great signal so …

Also try to ensure youre using rg6 cable or better, other than that, my only guess is possibly a firmware update will improve it, it is new, ive only had mine like 3 weeks…

Antenna can b tricky, i cant wait till atsc 3 switch, supposed to b better reception, good luck, hope it works out for ya, reach out to support if u havent, they may know behind the scenes stuff like reports of tuner issue and coming firmware

Brand new device.

I’ll reach out to support tomorrow. My assumption was zero response from them over the weekend.

Have a good one.

830 am-230 am eastern time 7days wk :slight_smile:

The launchers i saw in here known issue, and only diagnostics i find are when u do a scan the 4 dots red yellow or green, basic but helped me position my indoor antenna, peace out

Ps, for the hell of it, throw an indoor antenna on it, put in window facing towers if possible, compare, say its great, then leave it like that lol, thats the beauty of being a network dvr, u can place it where it works best, just kinda curious, antennas can b funny like that, it may work, try it, even just to test

1927 Spanish Revival House, lathe & plaster walls with stucco exterior. Windows to the correct direction would be on the opposite side of the house. Reason for the roof antenna in the first place.

Thank you for your feedback.

I’ve lived in SD for a long, long time. I’m sure the compass was adjusted for magnetic declination. .

I’m 12 miles from those towers and I get 100 signal strength and S/N at no higher then 27 with an attic mount antenna and amplifier. maybe pointing the antenna less toward channels 8 and 10 would help.

Thanks for the suggestion.

Reran a channel scan again this morning, low and behold the 8 channel group appeared and seems to display with no problems. Does not fill me with confidence that it just started working, I changed nothing.

Tried loading the Tablo app on another android device from a different manufacturer ( a tablet this time) it has the exact same crashing the launcher issue my phone has. Uninstall the app, launcher works again.

Amazing testing going on with the software releases.

For years people complained about the tuners not being sensitive enough and not picking up weaker signals. Maybe they addressed that with newer tuners and are being overwhelmed by channel 8. There use to be someone who lived in the eastern part of PB that had they same problem.

Wish there was a way to test a given channel to check what the tuner is seeing for a given channel, it would make life easier for all involved.

Well, the picture looks great running through a roku right now so we will see how this goes.

Thanks for your input.

The launcher issue has been reported