Trying again

PLEASE tell your guide provider to use the schedule at for 17-5 in Austin, TX but to convert the times to Central instead of the Eastern that they are in.  This problem has dragged on for two months.

I feel like this issue is a direct contact to Tablo. Open a Support Ticket or call them.

My guide has only ever been perfect. Sorry to hear about your issues.

At least 14.1 schedule is correct.  And we will be getting a new station by May 1 and I’ll bet it’s correct schedule is on Tablo before 17-5.  In fact once the new station is here, I won’t be watching 17-5 much as the new station will have a better signal (it will be 36-2 or 54-2 and both of the -1 are 5 stars.  17 is only 3 stars. In addition they have some of the same programming.

I just opened a support ticket.  I also listed other channels with missing guide data.  I gave them the locations for all the schedules and told them I currently am using and recording manually.

Well here is the message I received:


Tablo <>

6:13 AM (11 hours ago)
to me
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Hi Bill,

Thank you for contacting Tablo Support!

We strive to answer all of our e-mail support requests as soon as possible.

In the meantime, feel free to check out our knowledge base ( and forums ( if you haven’t already – the answer to your question may already be there.

Please note that our support hours are from MondayFriday 9:30 AM – 5:30 PM ET

but I did NOT receive any other email from @TabloSupport

@beastman - I’m so sorry your guide data issues are taking longer than usual to sort out. There’s sort of a perfect storm going on… First, the issues you’re seeing are odd so the solution is more complex than usual. Secondly, we’re transitioning to a new contact at our guide data provider and the new guy is still learning the ropes. 

We’re working very hard to get this resolved ASAP. 

It looks like 14-1 KBVO-CD finally has correct schedule, I’ll need to wait for the weekend to check 17-5  RTVE since it was partially correct.  Still nothing on 16-1 Daystar and 17-4 MCBN. 

The CoziTV was not there yet when I scanned last night.  I read that the date had slipped to May 10 and it will be 54.2.  I’ll let you know as soon as I add it to my Tablo.

Progress is good! Let’s hope everything else gets sorted out shortly.

There is now guide data for a new channel in my area. Good work.

Spoke to soon...some of the schedule is still wrong.  For example, at 12:00 Central Time the EPG says "The Adventures of Ozie and Harriet" BUT the guide posted at IS CORRECT (after converting times to Central) and "The Cisco Kid" is currently on.

The RTVN schedule is CORRECT for weekdays but then it matches the pdf file (after converting it to Central by subtracting a hour)

Is that on KBVO? 

No. It is RTVN which is the PDF schedule I have posted a link to several tines. It is 17-5. KBVO is perfect and is on 14-1.

16-1 KADT and 17-4 MCBN currently have NO DATA and have not for as long as I've had my Tablo.  I was trying for 17-5 RTVE first, since I watch it 

NOTE - just noticed the pdf is named RTVN.PDF but the station name is RTVE on the EPG and they call it retroTV  on the channel.

I was hopeful that things were moving a bit faster but it seems like we’re still falling behind for you. I’ll do my best to get things unstuck… May have to call in the execs on this one.

In the meantime, what flavor of cake do you like? :slight_smile:

May I suggest the Portal cake?

@TabloTV Any update?

@Beastman - We have a call scheduled with the guide data provider tomorrow. We plan to specifically address your tickets among other ongoing issues.

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@TabloTV So how did the call go? The guide is still not 100% for 17-5. 2:00 PM Central on Saturday the guide showed “Hopalong Casidy” and they were showing “The Doctors”. The guide is correct weekdays for the times I watch (I’m not saying it is 100% correct) Also 17-4 and 16-1 still show nothing.

@beastman Just sent you a PM with some of the details!

17-4 finally has a schedule, which agrees 100% with my Titantv schedule, but 17-5 continues to be wrong. For example, I just started watching LIVE at 9:15 Central Time and they are showing a movie, “The Goose That Laid the Golden Egg” and the guide says “Cold Squad” starting at 9 PM. This is on May 24, 2015.

Thought I would also mention that when I press Guide on the TV, there is NO information there either.