Troubleshooting a network issue

I know this isn’t a Tablo issue, hence it’s not in Support.

In general I have great network performance and rarely do I have networking issues. (I spent a lot of time and money to make sure. ;))

However last night we had flakey performacne watching both Amazon Streaming and Tablo programming on a 4K TV with a Roku Premiere+. THe Amazon show stopped playback a few times and showed the spinning circle. At one point in time I could swear the images were pretty blocky (as they do when available bandwidth is limited and they’re unable to stream UHD or HD images). Then my wife watched some Tablo recordings and she complained that several times she got kicked out of her shows and back to the “recordings” screen.

I myself then experienced this once. Today everything seems fine again.

Any advice on how to troubleshoot something like this? All I can think of is to spend the money to lay another Ethernet cable from my “Network Central” and put another gigabit network switch in the TV center and connect the TV, ROKU, and Chromecase to that via Ethernet and do away with the uncertainty of the WiFi signal,

I’ve run a stand-alone cable there just to test and I know I can reduce both network ping time and increase network speed from the current +/- 30 Mpbs to the standard 75 Mpbs I get from my ISP’s fiber.

I’ve not yet determined a way to test the network speed on my local LAN, so I usually go with the reference speed for an outside connection.

Roku has secret menus that will let you check your WiFi Signal Strength. It changes from time to time on new models so you may have to google it if this doesn’t work but most WiFi pages can be accessed via:

Press Home five times, Up, Down, Up, Down, Up.

Also see here:

Second to that, I would start by simply moving the Premier+ further from your TV and out in the open.

Check for other possible interference around it, fans, Microwaves, motors, etc.

Don’t forget to consider items on the other side of the immediate wall, I actually had a refrigerator compressor causing issues on one of mine (refrigerator was on the wall behind where the Roku was mounted).

Also, which WiFi band are you using? Try a different band.

I had a “Smart” router that was supposed to auto pick the best band for all devices. For Roku it would connect on 5GHZ for a few minutes and then switch it down to 2.5 No idea why, 5 had a great signal.

Once I turned that off and forced the Roku to the 5GHZ signal, all buffering issues went away.

Also make sure you aren’t picking up interference from neighbors on the same or similar channel. There are a few programs and apps out there you can get to help sniff out Wi-Fi signals to identify conflicts.

Hope this helps!

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Thanks, I’ll look into that in a bit more detail and respond back.

@Bardel - If the tricks from @Daniel454 don’t yield any results, we do have a network analyzer tool that our support gurus can work with you to run.

Hey, that’s really generous and much appreciated. I had only one cutout last night (but then we only watched maybe an hour of TV). I’m reluctant to take up your guys’ time with an issue that I know isn’t directly attributable to your product, but if the offer is available, I’d be delighted to take you up on it. Anything to run tests and diagnostics! :smiley: