Trouble With The Guide

Has anyone having trouble with the guide on their Legacy Tablos with the guide data. Mine will only go 2 days out and it just started today. Is this new company that took over Tablo screwing around with the older models

Are you referring to the Live TV grid?

I think it depends on the device. My Roku’s grid goes on for many days. But on my PC, it is just 2 days. I am still getting 2 weeks of guide data when I go to the various categories (sports, movies, etc)

Yes it is the live guide and it is the Tablo Dual lite. It has been showing the two week guide every since I have had it and now it is down to two days. I am running it on a Roku Ultra and the Tablo has Ethernet hooked to it

Des the settings menu show that your guide subscription is still active? If not try to refesh it. And if the subscription is active wht is the guide status.

Just checked the guide data in settings and it is still active

Is this enabled?