Trouble watching FOX - pixels

Hello All,
I am having a difficult time with only (1) Channel in my lineup. Whenever I watch FOX I am getting pixellated and choppy video both live and recorded. All of my other channels work well. I have a 2-Tuner unit with a Mohu Leaf 50 mounted to a 2nd floor window facing the direction of the broadcast tower. I’m located in a suburban area of Charlotte, NC

I have gone through my Tablo and done all of the updates and channel scans and no improvement. I checked the tower location and it is ~40mi from me and nearby towers I can get with no problem.

I am getting this when watching through ROKU on my TV and also the Tablo App on my iPhone.

What happens if you connect the antenna directly to
your TV? Does the Fox channel pixelate on the TV?

A filter like this may help if cellphone frequency interference is the issue:

Channel Master LTE Filter Improves TV Antenna Signals

This video from Antenna Man may help:

How to Correctly Point a TV Antenna for Best Reception

40 miles with an indoor antenna may be problematic for some stations. You may need a better setup, especially if FOX is VHF in your market.

The website was helpful as it pointed out that the FOX antenna is only 31mi away which to me seems well within the Leaf 50+ range. The main problem that I am seeing is that 11 of the main towers are on the side of the house opposite of where we have our leaf installed. We only have (1) NW facing window in our 2nd story and it is in the kids room. We will try it out tomorrow night and see if it is resolved, from there I can try and come up with something. My preference is to not relocate the Leaf, Tablo & Modem to the kids room.

Hello All,
Per I moved my antenna from the back of the house window (red X) to the front of the house window (black X) with both positions being on the 2nd floor and now I’m getting bad reception for FOX along with some others. I’m surprised to see that it appears to be worse than before.

I have the same problem with my 2-tuner tablo too. Only FOX channel is pixelated. I have a roof antenna and in Los Angeles area. Tablo reported signal at full strength. Contacted support regarding this a few years back and was told something about line of sight blah blah blah. Not pixelated on my 2 tv tuners, just on tablo. Have tried the cellphone signal filter but didn’t fix the issue. Been living with it for a few years now. Very interesting that someone from different part of the country is having the same issue with Fox. Now I’m wondering if it has something to do with how tablo is decoding the Fox signal. :thinking: