Tropospheric ducting interference

I live in Dallas and from my location the local TV transmitters are in the same general direction as San Antonio, which is 250 miles away. San Antonio has 8 TV stations that operate on the same frequency as the ones in the Dallas market. When there is hot weather with high pressure (think July thru Sept), we get severe pixelation on multiple channels; so much so that many times my Tablo device won’t record due to a bad signal. I have tried 2 different outdoor antennas in different locations. I am currently using a Televes Ellipse antenna with a built-in preamp and LTE filter. Does anyone have any ideas on how to combat thisissue?

Unfortunately, there isn’t too much you can do. Blame it on the repack that put the same frequencies too close together. I get similar issues in the Chicago area, where some stations in west Michigan can cause interference. Unlike the old analog days where you would just get some ghosting, with digital, you get too much noise and it loses the signal. ATSC 3.0 may help a bit due to it’s better error correction.