Trim or Edit Recordings using the Pause

It would be cool, if you could set start and end markers using the forward and backward and pause then once marked, cut the section of the video out.
This would allow trimming excess at the end of a recording, and also manual deletion of commercials.

That would. I’m sure you know you can use one of the programs mentioned in this forum to copy the recordings to a computer then use one of the many video editing programs to cut out commercials and such.

Actually, I was not aware of this.

I went to the link you provided for the Video Editor, but I what I don’t understand, is how I can get the video off of the Tablo, edit it, then get it back onto the Tablo.

I already have multiple Video Editors, and would be happy to get another, if that makes sense.

Is there software for retrieving the Video from the Tablo, and then putting it back after Edititng it as well ?

Retrieving yes, putting, no.

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Putting into context the "sell" a service for skipping commercials…

Then there’s this severely outdated KB article

That will be cool. But it seems you cannot make it come true now. If you want, you can use a video compiler to do this job by yourself.

So, what about just a backup of the Tablo ?
Is there an easy way to do that now?
In the past, I had to pull the drive and use linux to copy it to another drive, with little hope of being able to restore it, if the Tablo drive failed.