Transferring files from Tablo to Macbook

Hi all,

My boss is trying to find a way to transfer the recordings on his Tablo over to his Macbook. Currently I haven’t been able to find anything substantial in respect to this. He appears to have a 4th generation Tablo and, as far as I understand, there have been no technical nor functionality issues with the device, we just don’t know how to extract the files.

The only way that I know how is if you’re using an external drive.

You’ll need a computer that can read EXT4 file system, then merge and convert the files. Your biggest hurdle will be that you’ll have a huge list of folders with numbers that will give you no inclination s to what they are. The only clue you’ll have is a date and time of the finished recording, usually off by 4-6 hours depending on your time zone and will be up to 6 hours off.

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