Transfer subscription

I have the original quad model and missing the features of the subscription. If I purchase the subscription but end up replacing my current unit with a Dual Lite can I transfer my subscription over to it?


Yes. All users can transfer a subscription from any Tablo DVR to any other Tablo DVR. (this does not include the DVR ENGINE for Nvidia Shield, which has its own subscription model).

It used to be that subscriptions were tied to an account and not the device itself, so one subscription could be used for as many Tablos as a user owned. When the policy changed, old users are still able to add devices to the subscription, but newer users can only transfer from one device to another.

Thank you. That’s good to hear as I’m thinking I might want to update to a more current unit as the quad unit I have was acquired in 2017. It’s still working but an update would be nice. Do you know if the latest model perform any different than the early units? The unit I have took some pretty special antenna hunting, trial and error, till I found what works good in my area. I’m thinking os the dual since the kids have moved out so we don’t need the quad, and I figure the dual only splits the incoming antenna signal in two rather than 4 for maybe the delivered signal might be tad better.

I have the original 2 tuner as well as a Tablo Dual Lite, and I really don’t see a difference. I have two antennas right next to each other going into the two units, and I get the same channels on each. Performance is the same as well for me.

original - 4 tuner, new - Quad (for clarification)

I understand the 4 tuner has the same firmware upgrade path as the Quad. Actually, it seem all tablo units run on the same firmware. So if you’ve updated to the most current version, you’re not going to get new “features”.

However there is information they have changed the tuners -hardware- with the Dual/Quad models from the original 2/4 - tuners. They also don’t have the dated appearance (but that’s not functional)

If your Tablo is connected via WiFi you might get a stronger wireless connection cause the Dual Lite has Wireless AC. The OG units are Wireless N.

But yes the Dual Lite has an internal amplified 1x2 splitter so in theory the minimal signal loss should be less. This was confirmed in the thread below: