Transfer shows / database to USB drive

I got a Tablo Quad with an internal drive. I then hooked up a USB drive to it after setting it up, but nothing happened – I assumed I would be able to use the USB drive as extra space. After reading more, it looks like only one drive at a time is supported.

Ideally the box could use both internal and USB drives, but absent that – could we add a feature to transfer the shows and database from the internal drive to the USB drive, and then use that drive? That way I can use the larger drive and hopefully that’s a simpler change for y’all to implement than supporting multiple drives at once


Tablo has classified all devices made before the current 4th Gen as Legacy devices. The new 4th Gen devices and apps have many problems including not currently supporting Apple TV devices. Several people have reported that the current Apple TV app for Legacy devices was broken when OS17 was released and Tablo has responded that the Legacy apps are currently low priority.

All of this is to let you know that your feature request will probably fall on deaf ears. I wouldn’t expect to see any features added to the Legacy Tablos. Certainly not until the 4th Gen devices and apps are fully functional and even then I doubt that Tablo has any interest in improving the Legacy devices.


Sounds like a good reason NOT to cross the Bridge to IOS 17.x if you use a IOS device for your Tablo Legacy APP!
Thanks for the Heads Up!
Those are my backup methods if my Roku System messes up!

Try getting a used Magnavox 867 DVR two tuner with I think 2TB drive, and writable DVD drive, and USB outputs for your Jump Drive. Record your program on the hard drive and then use Magnavox software to transfer to USB.
They go any where from 200 to 2K
857 model 1TB one tuner, I think.
Good Luck :four_leaf_clover: