Transfer recordings from old HDD to new HDD?

I have a HDD that is starting to act up with the Tablo (ex. no hard drive connected) which is causing Tablo player errors.  I have just picked up a Seagate Backup Plus Slim 1TB that I would like to see if I could transfer the recorded shows from the old HDD to the Seagate. 
Would it work by just copying them using Windows or is there some type of encryption, etc that this will not work? 

You’ll need to clone one drive to the next, you can’t simply copy and paste the files using Windows. Acronis True Image should do the job.

AndyW talked about a program called ExtFS from paragon. I believe the Tablo format is a linux type of format and this program allows the file to be seen in Windows. You should be able to grab the files from the HDD and move them at your leisure. 

I have been accessing the Tablo HDD remotely and transferring files using a Firefox plugin.

I tried this with ExtFS, was able to copy the files from one HDD to the other but my Tablo does not see them on the new HDD. Did anyone take this approach any further?

In another thread someone reported success with True Image and cloning thr drive. True Image resizes the partition on the new drive.