Transfer recorded programs from my old Tablo Quad 1TB to new Tablo Quad HDMIngs

When I decided to cut the cord, I installed an antenna for ABC, NBC and ABC programing. I purchased the Tablo Quad 1Tb to record shows on the network channels to allow viewing on our schedule commercial free. We have been rocking along for over 2 years saving over $200/ month, very happy with the results. About a week ago we started having problems accessing the Recordings with messages indicating that the" playback failed, video not found". Worked with techncal support with Emails and tried all their suggestions. So decided to upgrade and I purchased the Tablo Quad HDMI. I didnt realize that the hard drive wasnt included, but no problem, as I like the idea that I can now take the saved content anywhere.
The question: After buying the hard drive, can I plug it into the old unit and download the 360MB of programs to the drive before I install it into the new unit.

Any recommendations for the Hard Drivfe and Ripper sofware will be appreciated


Hi there @Texastrose - Did support not recommend replacing the hard drive in your current Tablo?

Unfortunately the QUAD 1TB and QUAD HDMI have different file formats so recordings from one can’t be transferred to another.

Note : Recordings cannot be moved from Network Connected Tablo models to TV-Connected Tablo models (and vice versa).

TV connected = HDMI / Network Connected = “regular”

So my existing Tablo Dual is connected to the internet. The new one “still in the box” Tablo Quad HDMI is a TV -Connected once installed.

Can the TQ HDMI be connected to internet?

What is the difference between the two methods?

I suggest that you read through the FAQ’S here:

Hopefully that will answer all of your questions.

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