Transfer Lifetime Service?

If I were to ever decide to sell my Tablo is there a way to transfer the lifetime service with the unit? I know it’s tied to the account so would the only option be to give the buyer my username and password?

Technically there’s no ‘official’ way to do this @adamfox

There are however ways to reset your user name and password. 

how would you go about doing a username reset to transfer a lifetime membership?

Let me tell you , @jschramm, it’s a process.
Here’s what you have to do:
-The new account holder must first create a new account under their email address.
-Under the new account, a new Lifetime membership is purchased. This can be done by either the original account holder or the new (presuming the new is willing to pass along their user name and password).
-Tablo support is then told that the lifetime membership and unit is to be transferred from the old account to the new, and a refund is requested.
-Tablo will take care of moving the unit over from the old account to the new.
-Then, get this: they will cancel the Lifetime on the old owner and will then refund the membership fee to the billee on the new account.

It took a week for all that to go down, but it worked out as promised in the end.
Cord cutters unite. Loving my Tablo.

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Can anyone from Tablo confirm this? Thanks.

Sounds to me the advice was just to give your user name and password to whoever you sold your tablo to and they can change it if they want.