Transfer Between Tablos

Is there a third party app that transfers shows between Tables? I have a 4 tuner and a Quad and I’d like to transfer shows to the Quad.

Update both the old and new Tablo to 2.2.6, then do this.

I understand you don’t have the answer, are there reports of users successfully doing this?

I’ve read this in the past, and seen it posted a few times. Find it great feature, but is does sound a bit advanced. Many struggle with moving files between drive - yes unsupported. Yet many know it’s relatively painless, and works.

I’m not trying to promote file transfer between drives, I understand hardware requirements limits etc, just curious are users finding a simple step by step process to swap tablos? (or is it a trade secret)

The procedure did not work for me. I had already set up my Quad, so I did a factory reset. After plugging in the USB drive from my 4 tuner, the LED on the Quad is supposed to blink, indicating data is being transferred. It did not blink and no data was transferred.

Is your new Quad running the new 2.2.26 firmware? It has not been rolled out to everyone yet.

Also did you follow all the steps like rebooting the original / old Tablo with the drive connected to it?

My new Quad received 2.2.6 yesterday afternoon. I followed all the steps for my 4 tuner and for the Quad, after I did a factory reset.

Contact Tablo Support directly, they should be able to walk you through a step by step. Either open a Support Ticket or call them.

Does the original 4-Tuner have 2.2.26 as well?

If not, you’ll need to wait till they both do.

If you did, give us a ring or drop us a note and we can see what’s happening.

Yes, both the Quad and the 4 tuner are at 2.2.6. I will drop support a note.

Opened support ticket yesterday. No response yet.

If you respond to a support ticket without Tablo Support responding it puts you back at the end of the queue.

I opened the ticket, received an email from support and have not heard anything after that.

Hopefully they will get back to you soon. They might be a little behind with the new firmware rollout. Unfortunately I can’t advise you in this topic beyond what is in the guide since I haven’t done it.

If there is a problem and you leave the drive attached to the new Tablo overnight you could end up losing data. I’m sure you know that from the guide but I feel like it’s worth repeating.

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