Tower Down in Lincoln, NE

If you live in or near Lincoln, Nebraska and are wondering why you can’t watch FOX… This is why!

This doesn’t affect me directly but I am very interested to find out how long it takes them to replace the tower.

It’s not a simple task…

They’ll likely rent space on another nearby tower in the meantime…

That’s weird. I haven’t noticed, I watch that channel everyday.

On a side note Nebraska is abbreviated NE :smile:

Edited: went to look. It’s our KPTM Fox I watch everyday. I also had to look and it is a blue screen. :smile:


And today the tower started on fire. So don’t know how long it will be. But additional 50,000 damages.

Sorry. We’re Canadian. So sorry again!

Well, that’s not good!

Hope they’re able to lease space on another nearby tower.

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There is is a Lincoln, NB, just outside the city of Fredericton, New Brunswick. I figured that’s were the Fredericton towers were located. Thanks for the updating it NE.

It’s ok. I actually thought you were talking about a tower in Canada until I read the article and went to look. :smile: That’s why I posted that. It sounds like there was lots of leased space on that tower.