Too Many OTA Channels - Tablo Stunted

Live in the Houston area. When I scanned for channels, over 100 showed up. Other than some of the obvious, religious, shopping and foreign language channels, I wanted to download the rest to see what the channels were about. Well it overloaded the TABLO. Totally have had to reboot and start from scratch, so now I have about 15 channels trying to download the program guide for, and we are on hour three and only two programs have downloaded. Totally frustrated.

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Well, you have a problem somewhere. I have ~80 channels in PHX and I use only ~35 on Tablo (which is really too many, but it keeps the other half happy) It takes about an hour to populate the total guide when I start from scratch - which isn’t too often. I would take a wild guess and think that your router and lan network are not strong enough for Tablo, but there are others here that are much more knowledgeable than I that will be here soon with help.

I have a 1GB/s internet service from ATT. I would assume the router could handle Tablo. And it is hard wired as well via Ethernet. I did finally get it to download after three more reboots and tries, and the last time it downloaded extremely fast, so not sure what the problem was.

@bohaiboy We’re happy to help if you can give us a shout :slight_smile: