Today’s Tablo Issue

Launched Tablo a couple hours ago (first time today), about half our OTA channels say “Loading Data” when navigating to them and selecting them gets no response. Current guide data shows for all channels. Rebooted everything, ran guide update again. Any thoughts? 4th gen, Roku

Was having same problem. Just cleared up for me about 5:15 pacific. Also Gen 4, roku.
I believe Tablo has been working hard last couple days, implementing updates and fixes, which may explain some server issues over same period.

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Looks like the channel lineup is from the Dallas area. I have had troubles with full blocks of channels going off line since the storms and mega power outages last week. Once 5.x, 11.x, 13.x, 21.x, and others dropped out at the same time for most of the day on my legacy quad and the 4th gen. All of the transmitters are located in the same area and I figured they might be having problems though I can’t find any mention of problems on the web.

Question for you. I’m way north of Plano, over 40 miles fron the antenna farm. Channels 68.x are gone most of the time. Do they come in steady for you or just every now and then?