To replace a 2Tb USB disk by a 4Tb

I own a Tablo QUAD Over-The-Air [OTA] DVR and the attached 2Tb USB disk nears full capacity.
How do I proceed to transfer the existing recordings of the 2Tb disk to a 4Tb replacement USB disk?

You might try reading through this topic: How to migrate to a bigger drive?

Thank you - I read the procedure and I will try it.

I did try the procedure identifed above - I was able to install the software and assign windows10 drive letters to both 2Tb and 4Tb Tablo drives…I could see both drives in Windows explorer - but the only option available when I would click on either drive in Windows 10 would be to format the drives.

Then I rebooted my laptop with a Linux Distro (I am absolutely not versed in Linux)…I could see both 2Tb & 4Tb drives…and the rec folder containing many recording on the 2Tb drive…but I did not have sufficient admin rights to copy & paste the rec folder content from the 2Tb drive to the 4Tb drive rec folder.
I will continue my reseach on this…I really want to transfer the Tablo recordings from the 2Tb drive to the 4Tb drive.

Your need root privileges to access them. The method varies based on which distribution you’re using.

There’s a tool gparted allows you to “copy” one partition to another …the resize the new to fill the disk. (it’s generally included in most/many Linux systems).

You could also live boot with Clonezilla Live and “clone” the drives (it’s not literally a clone since they are different sizes), but you’ll need to specify it to enlarge it to the new size, or use gparted to resize it.

yea, “Linux” it’s self is not the Distro -the Distro is a Linux based system, like Debian. openSUSE or Linux Mint.

Ok the distro is Mint Cinnamon…thank you for keeping me honest.

I reverted to the Windows Ext2Mgr procedure - and the copy is now in progress between the 2 USB drives in Windows 10 - It was not successful before as the Ext2mgnt Service was not started - when I started the service via the Tools drop down menu - I was able to intiate the copy & paste from the rec folder of the 2Tb USB drive to the new 4Tb. Once the copy is finished - I will report if the result of the copy works fine with the Tablo.

Important- you did let tablo format the new disk first? Because it will be catastrophic to do it after, wiping out all your work.

Yes - I formated the 4Tb drive with the Tablo before the copy. Essentially I am following the procedure posted by BabbleBits - with the addition to the procedure of starting the Ext2mgr services manually.


The transfer of the recordings from the 2Tb USB drive to the new 4Tb USB drive completed successfully after a 10 hrs + copy. I then connected the 4Tb USB drive to the Tablo…and all seems fine - I did spot check the playback of 3 recordings - worked OK.

Thanks to BabbleBits for the working procedure and to the others who provided help to me on this stream.

I wish Tablo would add a 2nd USB port and some integrated tools for backup and disk transfer purposes on their futur devices



In another “new drive” related topic Tablo provided some insight why not.