Tivo Edge OTA DVR

Tyler the Antenna man posted this video the other day. He didn’t really compare to other DVR systems. I’m not sure if I understand whether this is closer to Tablo HDMI or the Network connected Tablo units. Seems almost like a hybrid of both. Anyone have any experience with this box?

I guess it’s good if you have no qualms about how much to pay for a very large two tuner device.

With regards to “remote viewing”, since this records and streams the actual data, that might not be great in all situations remote.

I think we’re at a “fringe moment”… this should have been “the Tivo device” 5 years ago. Edit: Looks like this device actually came out in 2019. I suppose it’s a reasonable competitor to the new Tablo Dual HDMI device.

Another review: TiVo Edge review: A once-great DVR in decline | TechHive

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I also think I seem to remember some on our forum mentioning that TiVo ties the subscription to “the device” and not “the user”, which is a very big deal when you’re spending that kind of money

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