Time wrong since daylight saving

I notice that since the change to daylight saving time, the Tablo records at the proper time, but the recording time displayed is an hour ahead of reality. Even stranger, the same is true via the web interface but for only about 80% of recordings.

Example, Coblert comes on at 11:35 EDT. It is being recorded at the proper time, but the 80% of recordings show up as 12:35 - only a handful are 11:35. it doesn’t seem to be a difference between shows recorded before the time change and after time change, its totally mixed up both 11:35 and 12:35 recording times before/after the time change.

It caused some confusion with another series; it was using the recording time to tell what was a new episode and what was a rerun.

Anyone else have this problem?

There does appear to be a time bug in the web interface (and possibly all the interfaces). I just looked at my Simpsons recordings. The episodes in the fall during Daylight Saving Time show 7-7:30 PM. The episodes between Nov 8 and Mar 6 all show 8-8:30 PM. Then when DST started back up, the shows are 7-7:30 again.

Everything is recorded correctly. It is just a time bug.

I noticed that bug months ago. I wonder if anyone has submitted a support ticket for it yet? It hasn’t quite annoyed me enough to submit a ticket myself yet.

I have not filed a ticket; I’ve observed it in Chrome on my desktop Mac, and on FireTV 4K box.

@djc6 @Joltarin This can be more specific than you think - not all web apps are displaying this error. Please feel free to send our support team a ticket so we can get this fixed up for you!