Time Warner Cable

10$ a month interesting wonder what the channel line up would be…?

And will it only be live or will they allow watching previously aired shows

If it’s only local channels, I’ve already got that with my Winegard FL5500A and Tablo. If on the other hand the price and channel offering was similar to Sling TV, I might give it a look.

Charter is doing something similar in some locations. You get all locals, some shopping/political channels, and either HBO or Showtime for $12.99. For $19.99, you get AMC, ESPN, and about a dozen other cable channels. They include the live channel as well as any apps like HBO Go.

Problem is it includes taxes and about $5 - $7 for brodcast fees.

Comcast is attempting to do the same thing in my area. However I took a religious vow - not another dollar on cable! Doesn’t matter to me if cable offers television service for $1.99 - not another PENNY from me period. I built up an antenna system\farm to give me great and reliable reception so I could give cable companies the finger.

Right now TWC offers a mobile device app that is not mobile. If you pay for a cable subscription you can use their app to get most of the channels you get from your cable box. You have to be using your home internet though. I suspect their new streaming offering will be similar to Dish Network’s Sling TV. I also suspect they will still limit their services to your home internet connection. There are also a ton of TV apps out there that let you login with your cable or satellite provider credentials, but TWC is always missing from the provider lists. TWC has proven time and time again that they do not want their customers streaming TV services. I don’t think their new service will even be worth $10. We’ll have to wait and see.


In New York to begin with, but you can see what you would get

TW doesn’t get it! The “starter” is what we already have with our antennas, plus TW News. ALL the packages say “A DOCSIS 3.0 Modem and Extreme service are required” and I assume that is in addition to the price listed. I worked at an advertising agency after the Navy, and learned a little. Also, if it sounds to good to be true, it is. I would LOVE "picky YOIUR 10 station lineup for $20, No movie channels allowed. Add movie channels you want for $10 each.

Have you looked at https://www.feeln.com? If you pay the annual price it is under $2 per month. In addition to Hallmark Hall of Fame movies, they have Cagney and Lacy among other classic shows. Roku and Android apps. www.NewsON.com Roku and Android apps, www.cbsn.com Roku and Android apps for news. I believe they all have Apple apps too, but not sure so didn’t say.

IF TW package remains as is, they can keep it! Hell, I’ll give them $1 or $2 per month for just the TW and Cspan channels ONLY.

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You’re missing the point people. How are you going to record? It will cost you an extra total of 25/month for their DVR BOX.

You are correct! I hadn’t thought about that. But then again, with my antenna and Tablo, I can already record the local channels, including some not even on cable. So I still will be willing to give them a buck or two for watch only TW News, and C-Span but don’t care for the channel lineup the way it currently is. Even QVC, BYU, and several religious channels are available on Roku. There is even an over the air QVC.

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“Dish’s Core TV Business Is Shrinking at Shocking Rate”


“Internet TV is not saving the day for Dish Network, which is hemorrhaging traditional pay-TV customers at a seemingly unprecedented rate.”

More and more family, friends, neighbors and acquaintances are asking me to install antennas for them. They’re not even interested in truncated packages at $10. They just want cable out of their hair period.

Cable companies will probably net more profit delivering only internet service as opposed to all of the royalty licenses they must deal with when selling TV content.

But sat companies are gonna have a very hard time surviving in this new landscape.

Yes, and the fact they force you to go to the extreme package if you did want to get their internet only gives them extra money :wink:

Since many cable companies are also internet provider, they have far better chance to survive vs. satellite companies.

In most cases cable companies are monopolies in an area. OTA in some respects is a protest against this condition…


You’re also getting the best 1080 HD experience available.

They both stink. Virtual monopolies offering high cost mediocrity. TW gets my 15 bucks for internet service only. My provider options? Verizon for 3x the cost.

The video landscape is changing dramatically. TW, Charter, etc, no longer have the final (only) word. Streaming video apps and cord cutting options are steering the needy away from the greedy Long overdue…